I receive so many messages from ladies who want to become stronger, and I love it! Today, I'll inspire you to do so with me!

I've checked out many before & after photos and videos, and I love seeing all those transformations and the happiness in their faces. For good things to happen, you do need to work your "ass" off, I guess. So all those transformed bodies went through weeks of struggle and probably sore muscles before not only gaining muscle strength but will power and determination. If you want to change something, you really really need to WANT it. So, here's my idea to become stronger before summer: Let's do 30 days in which we will alternate 3 exercises: Day 1: 100 PUSH UPS, next day 100 AIR SQUATS, next day 100 SIT UPS and repeat! I've done 100 burpees last summer for a couple of days and I felt like my arms were falling off. That's why I've decided to have the arms rest for 2 days instead of doing 100 push ups every day. Trust me, you will thank me later :) I encourage you to take a note pad and start writing a training log or diary with DAY 1. Write how you feel, how many reps you got in a row and what your eating habits look like. You can compare these toward the end of our 30 DAY CHALLENGE. And of course: take before and after pics! So, here's my before pic:


Start tracking your body confidence with a number between 1-10, 1 being the lowest & 10 being the best you could feel about yourself. Add this body confidence to your daily journaling to monitor and see what makes you feel great about yourself and what does not.


To be sure you're doing yourself good and not damaging your body due to bad form, here are a few most important cues to look for in our 3 exercises, which we will repeat in this month. In case of doubt, ask a coach or trainer to check your alignment. Take it slow during (or skip) the first days of your period! Listen to your body, instead of working against it.



Start where you're at. It does not have to look like mine in the beginning. Took me years to build this strength! Beginners: Maybe you need to place your knees on the floor or elevate your hands by placing them on a chair or on a table! They will get better over time and increase your strength in vinyasa flow, especially in chaturanga dandasana and arm balances. Make sure to stretch the chest at the end of the day, to avoid tightness!

  • start in upper plank pose aka upper push up position

  • lift the part between shoulder blades in the starting position, with hands on floor or elevated

  • maintain pelvic tilt to avoid arching in the low back, making sure that your belly is active

  • touch the floor (or table) with your chest (if possible) when going down

  • keep your neck long

100 BODY WEIGHT SQUATS Air squats are great for gaining strength and possibly increase circumference in thighs and glutes, which is your buttocks. When experiencing discomfort in knee joints, get your form checked and cleaned up by a professional trainer! Once proper form is learned by doing air squats, you're free to move on, after this month to weighted squats. You might not be able to walk stairs up and down, if you did 100 squats a day, which is why we're only doing them twice a week! Don't forget stretching the front of your thighs in lunges and your glutes with hip openers after squat days.

  • start standing up

  • feet approx. shoulder width apart, toes looking forward or a little outside

  • use arms in any form that feels natural

  • beginners: imagine you're sitting down on a chair and stand up again

  • intermediate: go as low as you can, keep a light action in the glutes (butt)

  • stand up by driving from the heels and the glutes

  • extend hips fully when upright by engaging butt


As there are many ways of doing sit ups, you can choose your fav variation. I chose butterfly sit ups, you could also, as an example do V-ups. I'll go into detail of the butterfly sit ups here. We're trying to work the core more than the hip flexors. Nevertheless, make sure to stretch the front of the body after sit ups with up dogs, bridges or wheels.

  • start lying down on your back with your feet touching (as in supta baddha konasana)

  • crunch your abs to lift your torso up and touch the floor in front of your feet

  • crunch belly again and lie down again

  • and repeat 99 times :)


Here's our schedule for the month. For all days, except for the first 3 & the last 3, you can divide your sets into small packages, like 10 or 25 repetitions in a row. You don't have to do 100 reps in one go! You can train throughout your day, whenever you have time, wherever you are! If April 1st does not suit you, feel free to do this challenge any month of the year, starting any day you like (does not have to be the first of the month).

  1. 100 PUSH UPS - do as many push ups in a row & write it down, then do the rest

  2. 100 SQUATS - do as many air squats in a row & write it down, then do the rest

  3. 100 SIT UPS - do as many sit ups in a row & write it down, then do the rest

  4. 100 PUSH UPS

  5. 100 SQUATS

  6. 100 SIT UPS

  7. 100 PUSH UPS

  8. WEEK 2: 100 SQUATS

  9. 100 SIT UPS

  10. 100 PUSH UPS

  11. 100 SQUATS

  12. 100 SIT UPS

  13. 100 PUSH UPS

  14. 100 SQUATS

  15. WEEK 3: 100 SIT UPS

  16. 100 PUSH UPS

  17. 100 SQUATS

  18. 100 SIT UPS

  19. 100 PUSH UPS

  20. 100 SQUATS

  21. 100 SIT UPS

  22. WEEK 4: 100 PUSH UPS

  23. 100 SQUATS

  24. 100 SIT UPS

  25. 100 PUSH UPS

  26. 100 SQUATS

  27. 100 SIT UPS

  28. 100 PUSH UPS - do as many push ups in a row & compare to day 1, then do the rest

  29. 100 SQUATS - do as many push ups in a row & compare to day 1, then do the rest

  30. 100 SIT UPS - do as many push ups in a row & compare to day 1, then do the rest

I will be posting each day on IG, either on my feed or in stories to remind you! It's supposed to be challenging (remember: NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES EASY). Whenever you need a break in between your sets though, take it. Ladies: you are ok to take a break during your 1st-5th day of your period, if necessary! In some yoga styles, you are not 'allowed' to practice at all, because menstrual pains can reduce cognitive ability (meaning, you can't take care of yourself as well as the rest of the month). There are some yoga poses that can be helpful during cramps, but I suggest it's best to listen to your individual needs.

And of course, have fun! And don't forget to be proud of yourself, every day!



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