I am extremely happy to be part of the first Mallorca BJJ & YOGA Festival in October 2019 because it is combining my love for yoga and my new found sport BJJ which I started practicing almost a year ago. This festival brings together 2 different practices with numerous variations, concepts and philosophies. Combining these 2 is actually a win/win situation for both, because BJJ practitioners benefit from yogic mobility/the yin softness of letting go and yogis benefit from the yang/strength aspect of Jiu Jitsu.


The festival is taking place from the 14th to 19th of October 2019 at the Gran Melia De Mar hotel in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. It has full exclusivity of the entire hotel and the grounds and it's going to be filled with seminars and workshops throughout the day and evening, half of which are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and half of which are Yoga. Classes are presented by teachers from around the world putting forward their own concepts, techniques and philosophies about their own practice/discipline in the many on-site event rooms and outdoor places by the warm crystal clear Mediterranean sea. Although ticket holders need to select either a BJJ Heavy or Yoga Heavy ticket, they will be allowed to attend nearly any seminar they wish. We encourage exploring the unfamiliar. Ticket holders are completely free to plan their festival experience how they want. They can attend every seminar every hour or one or two then go and explore the historic city of Palma, free water dive with our on-site instructor, paddle to a nearby café on a SUP, sit in the sun and listen to the pool side DJ with a beverage or hang out in the many quiet private areas on a lounger and just take a nap.


Grateful to be teaching alongside these awesome instructors from around the globe who will be present during the festival:

BJJ: Mauricio Gomes, Clark Gracie, Daniel Strauss, Ffiona Eira Davies, Ross Nicholls, Mario Bazouri

Yoga: Alexzandra Peters, Rachel Wainwright, Berenice Sophia, Jelena Lieberberg

Use code EARLYKICKASSYOGA for a 10 % discount and a 50€ voucher to spend on the festival site!

Find out more here:


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