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Know where you came from

Yoga has been a part of my life for more than a decade. That made me pause and think - and remember why I started this journey in the first place. I started yoga about 14 years ago, pregnant with my first baby. Back then, although I was only 22 years old, I felt like my body needed some gentle movement otherwise it would have fallen apart. Luckily I stumbled into a humble, simple and ego free yoga room where things happened. I felt at ease, comfortable with myself and the world. Reminiscing about that time, I relived why I fell in love with my practice. Here‘s a collection of reasons that have made an impact for me or just make life much more fun as a Yogi/ Yogini.


15 reasons why Yoga is awesome

1. The neck massage after (= bliss).

Some yoga schools offer a short 10+ second neck adjustment while you're in savasana (final resting pose). Enjoy it while it lasts and practice gratitude.

2. Being treated with kindness and respect.

This is crucial and very beneficial especially for mothers who care for tiny babies and forget what it feels like to be seen. Not only as a care giver, but also as a human being and woman.

3. The way the body feels afterwards: like a hot, steamy, clean towel.

If you've never been to a modern, moving yoga class (often called vinyasa or power yoga) in a warm-ish environment, you won't know what I'm talking about. It's about feeling sweaty and clean at the same time, almost to a point where you feel liquid or effortlessly floating on your way back home after class.

4. The brief moment of being totally at peace.

The first yoga studio I went to was located in the midst of all things shopping. Being at peace and not NEEDING or WANTING anything was a feeling I first encountered after yoga. I did not want to go shopping. I was completely content. And that feels, as you can imagine, amazing!

5. Being able to touch yourself in all kinds of weird positions and places.

Did I catch you with a dirty thought here? Well actually, I meant toes and soles of the feet or that one itchy spot on your upper back which is very difficult to reach. :)

6. You can perform party tricks for your friends, like Uddhyana or Ashtavakrasana.

Uddyana is a breathing exercise that creates a (somewhat freaky) vacuum belly and Ashtavakrasana is a fun arm balance, that looks like a drunken pretzel, when it's actually really easy. Both are odd to look at and will confuse your friends. I promise.

7. You can take much longer breaths than most people. Meaning, you can use your lungs to their full capacity.

Being in control of your breath means control of your nervous system. You can return from being agitated back to a state of calm much faster, if you master your own breath. If you're the adventurous type, this ability will also help you use less oxygen, ie when scuba diving.

8. Hopefully you will radiate calmness that rubs off on others.

Don't be a dick and show off how cool your yoga moves are. Be content with yourself without annoying others and let your flexibility and calmness inspire others.

9. Over time you will be more aware of where your priorities are: in your body and in life.

This will transcend from all physical aspects, to your personal and family life and your work environment.

10. Conversations with your Yoga Friends will be all about organic, fair trade accessories and clothes.

Everything I say, I write with a wink (mit einem Augenzwinkern - in german). As soon as you enter the yoga realm, you will learn about things that might seem necessary, sticky mats and everything detox. You can decide for yourself how far you would like to take this.

11. Your feet will be thankful for spending some time in freedom, spreading their toes.

Walking bare foot is the best thing you can do. Not only for your feet. But also for your hips and spine and grounding yourself, connecting to the earth. Spreading your toes while on your yoga mat, helps keep the arches in your feet alive.

12. You will finally get to use the mat your parents/ partner got you years ago for your birthday.

Ha. This is one of my favourites, because I hear the following sentence so often: "I always wanted to try yoga, but...." If you own a mat, you don't have an excuse!

13. You will think of many variations to sit in uncomfortable situations (like on planes, trains or in cars...).

Whenever you should see me on a plane or in a waiting room, you will probably see me in half sukhasana, half agnisthambasana or half lotus, switching it up, to prevent my spine from collapsing. It's fun to keep circulation moving.

14. Holiday pictures will suddenly look more lively when you do yoga poses on the beach.

If you don't mind sand in your hair, sun salutations will work just fine when you're on a beach. If you are afraid of handstands, just kick up on the beach for fun, and you will learn how to bail if you fail to hold a straight line ( which is actually harder on soft sand).

15. Your body will get more flexible & strong over time which will make you feel 5 years younger - at least.

This I have been told and it's not a guarantee, but it's worth a try. Don't you think?

Feel free to comment why you‘re in love with your practice.


Yours truly,


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