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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

savasana at the supermarket

My love for yoga has no limits. If you see me whilst traveling you will always observe that I will pretzel myself into weird and uncomfortable looking postures or you'll see me practicing my handstands at the airport, twists on the train and squatting in any waiting room or even on the subway.

I want to share my passion for movement with you. It is not about me, my ego or me as a person, it is about sharing my love for keeping the body and the mind healthy by giving yourself the chance to move just as you need to. Life without movement equals death. It's as simple as that and is not intended to sound harsh!


To create a fun new series for my blog I've decided to go on adventures and to look at the world from a Yogi perspective: which are the places to breathe, to get into any kind of asana. For this week's column, I've explored the SUPERMARKET as my playground for my Yoga Adventure.

Child's pose at the supermarket


Is placing your head on the floor at the supermarket a good idea? Maybe not. It is ok to be skeptical. I don't have a problem with dropping down on my knees and resting my head on the floor or on my hands. I guess this pose is one of the few that I can highly recommend to practice daily, whenever suits you. Its calming effects and stretch of the hips are not only sooting for the body but also for a heavy heart.

Dancer pose at the Supermarket


Need to grab something from the shelf? Why not stretch while reaching for your favorite mint flavoured dark chocolate (yes, that is what I was grabbing ;) Dancer pose is a back bend, that comes in many shapes and forms. Since I'm not the world's bendiest person when it comes to Wheel pose and such, I go for a stretch of the inner thighs instead of focusing on bending from the spine.

Warrior 2 at the Supermarket


This warrior gets a new meaning when you're not only staring into nothingness but actually looking at a treat or fighting for something that is necessary in your kitchen. Front knee above ankle is best, but allowing the knee to move forward a little, as in a low squat is fine too.

Final Resting Pose at the supermarket


Can you imagine that some people despise Savasana? It is unbelievable but true. I can understand skipping it, when you're VERY busy and don't have the time OR when your mind is just not willing to wind down YET. Other than this, I totally recommend lying down after your workout or Yoga practice to allow yourself to slowly find peace within your own breath and within your own body.

Next time you're out shopping in a big or tiny supermarket, remember me and take a deep breath. You don't have to lie down, don't worry.

Just find joy in the now.

All Pictures by @SofiaGomezFonzo

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