Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Are you up for a new easy peasy challenge, which fits into every day on top of your regular training? 💯💪🏼 Then I can offer you just the right one, with just the right amount of effort and intensity! The one week FOREARM PLANKING CHALLENGE! Forearm planks are great to build core strength, more awareness for the connection between the front (belly) and the back (especially the lower back). For all beginners: don't worry if these planks are a mystery to you! Start with your knees down to get a feeling for how to stabilize your entire body!


One exercise, multiple benefits. Planking is simple yet really effective when it comes to these points:

  • Core definition

  • Metabolism boost

  • Posture improvement

  • Possibly less back pain


Start any Saturday or Sunday according to your schedule with the following 'tasks':

DAY 1️⃣ 4 x 20 sec > 10 sec pause in between sets

DAY 2️⃣ 4 x 30 sec > 10 sec pause in between

DAY 3️⃣ 2 x 1 min hold > 30 sec rest (beginners 1 x 1 min)

DAY 4️⃣ 4 x 30 sec > 20 sec pause in between

DAY 5️⃣ 4 x 40 sec > 20 sec pause in between

DAY 6️⃣ 4 x 50 sec > 20 sec pause in between

DAY 7️⃣ 2 x 2 min hold > 30 sec rest in between (beginners 1 x 2 min)


If regular planks are too easy, elevate your feet on a box, bed or sofa or press your feet against a wall or additional weight plate on your back. Maybe your kids or pets would also like to play along.


Remember to stretch the belly/front afterwards with yoga or bridges or wheel pose to avoid shortening of the abs. And most importantly: it might not be fun, while doing planks, but after a while you will get to know yourself (body and mind) a little better and as soon you can feel you're in the right position the only thing to focus on will be your breath. Be aware that your mind is going to play tricks on you ;) and how good you feel after a couple of minutes in this position!

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