Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Flying Bakasana (or rather Kakasana, but let's not get into semantics right now) is a fun thing to try. It's almost completely strength based, meaning you need a good relationship with your core, upper body and legs. So basically, all of it.

Preparatory poses

First of all, mastering a solid Crow pose is essential. None the less, being able to do at least 5 real push ups does help as well. Real push ups are the ones without knees on the ground and without collapsing in the centre or shoulder girdle. Flexibility wise you will have more fun if you're able to squeeze your knee into your chest, in example with mountain climbers.

Step by Step

Start in a forward fold: hands about shoulder width apart, leaning your right knee into your right armpit. Arms are already a little bent as you can see. You will have to bend your arms even more soon.

Now, lift that right foot off the ground pulling your right heel into your buttocks. Start leaning even more onto the right arm, shifting your weight onto the right arm. Yes, this is not a relaxing and comfy position. I assure you: this will hurt a little on the arm, because the knee is not a cushion, it's hard and that's what it's supposed to be. As soon as handstands are attainable for you, you will work more from the core so that there will be less weight on the knee...

From here, start to lean into your arms, resisting with your strength, which means: your leaning forward, but pushing back at the same time. At this point, you need to engage your core even more and start lifting that active left leg off the ground. The straighter the leg, the more activity, thus the easier to keep it in the air.

Et voila, you're flying in one legged bakasana.

In case of fear: practice with a spotter (his/her knees under your shoulders) or over a big cushion under your face, to make a potential face plant less painful. And, be patient. It took me a couple of years to get strong enough to do this. Maybe it will take less or more for you...

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