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I remember reading something on my mothers desk as a child. It was a sheet of paper she had ripped out of a magazine, seemingly because she thought it was important to re-read it, if need be. It looked like some sort of guidelines, and the only sentence I can still see vividly is 'Don't be other peoples' emotional waste bin'. That totally stuck with me because I did not understand what it meant until much later.

We all know about personal hygiene, taking showers, using many products in the bathroom. But how do you clean the inside of your mind? How do you get rid of negative thoughts that keep playing on repeat in your head? These thoughts that keep nagging you during the day and prevent you from taking a good sleep at night because you're lying in your bed with your eyes open ruminating.

The importance of self care

We are lucky to live in a society where you can train your body everywhere, outside or in studios and seeing a psychologist is not a shame anymore. Emotional wounds are, most of the time, not easily visible on the outside, but can happen on a daily basis. Have you ever tried putting a bandaid onto your soul? And did you know that chronic loneliness is as unhealthy and dangerous as chronic cigarette smoking? I didn't. And I think this is shocking.

The mind is very powerful and can trick us into thinking we are uncapable of something, although we could do it, just because we have made a certain experience in the past, that keeps us believing we are about to fail. Not only once. But for the rest of our lives.

Want to be happy? Be grateful

This compilation of 9 talks is very inspring and refreshing at the same time. For once, you realize, you are not alone in all your loneliness, weirdness. We all know these struggles, questions and doubts. And it might give you ideas, new habits to revive your selfesteem.


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