Updated: Dec 16, 2019

My travels as a Yoga teacher have led me to meet the most interesting people in the most interesting places. In March I got to travel to Prague because I was invited by the charismatic Martina to teach at Prague Spirit Festival. Prague is such a vibrant city and luckily I had the best tour guides. Teaching at the super lovely Jogovna and shooting for Martina's magazine has made me come across a pretty little label called YOJOGAYO. I instantly fell in love with this brand, which is why I am going to introduce you to Karolina, the founder, and her clothing line.


YOJOGAYO was born from Karolina's love for yoga. I'd say that is the best start. As an interior designer, Yo was her first time diving into the fashion industry with a great taste for colors and textures. At the moment Karolina is working on her online shop. Soon it will be possible to buy YO from other countries too. YOJOGAYO is a Czech brand and they sew in Czech with materials sourced from local suppliers. Labels, tags, bags, basically everything that forms and decorates their products are made locally. All products are tested by the label itself.


What I love about YO is the choice of humble colors, soft materials and no patterning. The range varies from bags, to bras, tops and leggings and these come in all sizes. I believe everyone should feel comfortable in their own skin on their mat. And luckily, we're all a little different. The world would be a much more boring place otherwise. I am happy to see young brand rise and evolve into open minded businesses. Since the Lululemon fat shaming debacle in 2013 this definitely should be on all brands minds. Love YOur body. Love YOga.

For more information visit the YOJOGAYO website


the Instagram account

YO! ♥


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