My aim is to inspire.

I'd love my daughters to grow up as strong girls, passionate about their dreams and in love with their own bodies. I love being strong. I work out because I love to move -not to look skinny.

Fuck media induced beauty standards. I have set myself goals that I am sweating towards and these goals do not necessarily involve looking great in skinny fit jeans 😂 I don't mind though, because I wear leggings/yoga pants A LOT! So please feel good about yourself! If you want to change something: start anytime! The time will never be right, unless you choose it to be! This is sth I've learned recently from a Ted Talk and it's sth I've experienced myself: Don't wait for the time to be right. This time might never come! That is why your decision to move, to learn sth, to change decides wether you fulfill your dreams or wether you wait for the time that might never come.

Start Now!

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