I am introducing my new series called Kick Ass Yoga Basics and I will be starting off with the 7 most important Hip Openers. There are many more, but I handpicked these because they are Beginner friendly and still challenging for Pros as well, without crossing the line from Hip Opener to Back Bend for all of those who find Backbends very challenging.

Since I don't really believe in overall Levels like "I've been practicing for years, therefore I'm Level 4", I'd like to be clear that I do believe that each one of us owns different kinds of "Levels" of strength or mobility in their bodies.

These following 7 important Hip Openers are divided into easy, medium and tough versions so that you can pick your own Variation for each day.

When practicing Hip Openers it is really interesting to find out where the so called comfort zone ends and hard work begins without straining yourself. Practice without pain.

1. Low Lunge

2. Crescent Lunge = ANJANIYASANA

3. Happy Baby Pose = ANANDA BALASANA



6. Seated/Reclined Butterfly = SUPTA/BADDHA KONASANA

7. Firelog Pose = AGNI STAMBHASANA

Props required: maybe a blanket, maybe 2 Blocks.

I will be discussing poses that are 'Backbending Hip Openers' who require a deeper understanding of being able to perform Backbends without the risk of injuring yourself, like Camel Pose, Hero, Hanuman, Setu Dhanurasana, Urdva Mukha Svanasana...in the next Basics Series.

I will be starting with the first one in my next post, which is easy yet intense: the Low Lunge.

See ya! J

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