Dear Yogis and Yoginis, happy Doglovers and cuddly Catpeople,

My first idea - when I started this Blog - was to write in various languages. I grew up in a trilingual household which has led to my love for words, languages, accents and wordplays. German really is a tough language, every one knows, which is why I always thought of writing in English as well. I was really happy when I found the Translate Button on the Blog, which I added to this page, unfortunately, it does work, but...well, no offense...sometimes it doesn't sound quite right - if you know what I mean.

This is why I've decided to start translating some of the recent posts myself, and I am going to write my future posts in various languages as well... I can offer you the obvious German and English but also Croatian and Slovenian (and also bad French and Spanish ;).

So, whenever you're checking my Blog, look for the labels if you're specifically looking for posts in different languages...



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