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As you might have guessed from my photos and posts, I am totally obsessed with everything there is to learn and know about handstands. During my quest of gathering as many repetitions, information and hours spent on my hands I have come across many wonderful practitioners and incredibly talented performers and teachers. This is the sixth issue of my ALL ABOUT HANDSTANDS Interview series, which I have started to share the many beautiful souls out there who dedicate their time on one or two hands instead of their feet.


I have started following this amazing human being a couple of years ago because I was intrigued by his ability to shoot an arrow while in a backbend-y handstand, since I had never seen this trick/skill before. Turns out Adrian actually is a Yogi turned Handbalancer and his Instagram feed not only makes your jaw drop due to his incredible One Arm skills but also his wonderfully tasteful surroundings and nature snaps that make you want to take a holiday asap. Let's find out what inspires Adrian.


1. Tell me something about yourself: Who are you and what do you do?

Who am I? I’m still figuring that part out. What do I do? Mainly Handbalance and Yoga. I try my best to keep my life as simple as possible so I can maintain my commitment to this movement discipline.

2. How much time do you spend upside down per day? Is there one thing you ALWAYS do when warming up?

Yes. I typically spend 2-4 hours a day training which includes my stretching and conditioning. I always stretch and open up splits before getting into my hand balance practice. I do what can be considered a lengthy warm-up so I am super prepared for more challenging/technical movements.

3. What is your favorite Handstand of all?

It’s hard to choose a favorite, but I’d say tumble split/hallowback single arm or four-point compass are some of the most pleasing lines when done properly, but of course they’re maddening if the lines are slightly off.

4. At what age did you start training? How did you get into handstands?

I got into handstands right when I was turning 30 which was about six years ago. I needed a new discipline and something to focus on, as I was moving out of the terrible unhealthy habits of my 20s. I needed to find some kind of balance in my life, and thought that pursuing it through a physical discipline was a good way to start.

"Always be stretching."

5. What would be your best advice for a very inflexible person to work on their flexibility?

There is a lot of time in between handstands. As often as possible I try to be in a wide leg forward fold, or a lunge, or splits. Always be stretching. You need to pass time in between handstands you may as well be productive with it.