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Updated: Dec 16, 2019

I am very glad I have the opportunity to work with so many, many talented creative people who rock what they do. No matter in which field Handstands, Design or Tattoos, these guys inspire me with their creativity, stubbornness and diligence. A couple of weeks ago I decided that, if Youtube Dudes like ie. Hanby & Jackson could get trashcans, camel toes and their names tattooed, why shouldn't I get my own logo tattooed instead of supporting big companies with swoosh logos?

And yes, I still get messages like: I like Yoga but I don't like tattoos which is why I am not following you. That's OK! I'd rather inspire like minded boys & girls rather than deal with trolls, ghosts and haters.


I created my brand and invented KICK ASS YOGA on December 31st 2013! That is the day I named my "baby" and started posting online via Facebook, then a little while later on Instagram. In 2015 my logo was designed using a foto of me in a handstand as a template. One could argue: what kind of handstand is that?? Or, that my handstands have evolved and gotten better. Sure. But I am proud of my beginnings which is why I am proud of my newest tattoo, made with care by my friend Christoph from Erntezeit.

You think I'll regret this? Nah, I've been getting tattooed for the last 20 years and even if there is a hint of remorse at times, each mistake encourages me to do better next time.

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