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As you might have guessed from my photos and posts, I am totally obsessed with everything there is to learn and know about handstands. During my quest of gathering as many repetitions, information and hours spent on my hands I have come across many wonderful practitioners and incredibly talented performers and teachers. This is the fourth issue of my ALL ABOUT HANDSTANDS Interview series, which I have started to share the many beautiful souls out there who dedicate their time on one or two hands instead of their feet.


I met Gayle twice in one year although we had never crossed paths before: First in Zürich at our FRC teacher training and at a Convention we both taught at. We instantly liked each other for obvious reasons and played around between classes. She's a lovable monkey with a hint of rebel that is much needed in this world. Let's find out more about Gayle and her handstand practice.

1. Tell me something about yourself: Who are you now, what did you do in the past and what are you passionate about?

I’m Gayle, 42 years young and my education background is in medicine. I have only been exploring Handbalance and bodyweight movement for 7 years. Because of the profound effect learning to handstand had on me, I am incredibly passionate about sharing everything that I have learnt so that others can find the joy in their own body, their movement and their life.

2. Your IG name is @inverted_g How much time do you spend in inversions per day?

My IG name fits me very well 😁 Around 1-2 hours each day playing upside down. I handstand every day whether it’s for training or for fun. I love it!

3. What is the craziest Inversion you can do & what's your favorite Handstand of all?

I’d say the craziest inversion has to be when I held a handstand while a motorbike stuntman was doing a super close circle round me - the amount of focus and trust we both had to have was exhilarating! Watch the video here.

My favourite handstands are always in nature because it’s often a challenge and I’m always fully at one with the earth - right here, right now. This one was on the top of Ben Aan at sunset. It was very difficult for me but I’m incredibly happy it happened.

4. At what age did you start training?

I used to play badminton at school. I never thought I was capable of the kind of gymnastic movements I used to watch in awe. I thought you’d have to start young and I never had any experience. Life took a new direction and, at the age of 35 I quit my job and decided to do something I’d always wanted to do. I saw a video online of a Press to Handstand and decided immediately, in that moment that I wanted to learn it. I specifically remember it like a lightning bolt and I had a mindset of ‘I’m all in, I’m going to learn this”. I’d never been able to handstand as a child and I always remember really wanting to.A few years and countless hours later I did, and it’s been the most incredible path that’s led me here ❤️