KICK ASS ASANAS - 108 Yogaposes from classic to modern


108 Yogaposes for strength, mobility and fun! 


 240 Pages - in Deutsch & English

Size 18,3 cm x 24,5 cm x 2,4 cm

Weight 1.1 kg


Kick Ass Asanas sounds dangerous, although it’s not … at all! Asana simply means yoga posture. The only one whose Ass might be Kicked is your inner laziness, because this book is destined to motivate you, to think outside the box and try things that you may have avoided in the past or have never dared to try. This book covers classic & basic Hatha Yoga poses, as well as modern variations and combinations, and takes a look at questions like these: How do I start Yoga or meditation? Which tools do I really need? Which mat is the ultimate best? - Deepen your practice with this book - in safe and effective ways.



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  • If you would like the book to be dedicated to you or someone else, just shoot me a message!

  • We went without a plastic coat on the book (for the environment), which can lead to discoloration on the (white) back of the book.

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